VexO Pharmaceuticals, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a research-driven biotechnology company dedicated to find and develop therapies for ocular disorders to improve the lives of patients.


Mehran M. Khodadoust, Ph.D. founder of VexO Pharmaceuticals and serves as its Managing Director.
Dr. Mehran the inventor listed on 11 issued patents and over 30 filed patents, holds multiple graduate degrees in scientific fields including his Ph.D. in Immunobiology from Yale University. He holds six degrees in scientific fields, including BS degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry, MS degrees in Physical Organic Chemistry, Biology and Immunobiology, and a Ph.D. in Immunobiology.

He joined Millennium Pharmaceuticals in its early years as a Post-Doctoral Fellow after receiving his Ph.D. from Yale University in 1997. 


We are a fully-integrated research and development company with a sustainable pipeline capable of bringing compounds through preclinical development and into the clinic. VexO Pharmaceuticals unique cell based assay system allows for modeling and screening for active drugs against diseases.

VexO's business strategy is to develop its lead targeting candidates at a late preclinical stage to pharmaceutical and large biotech companies for development. 

The Company is applying the highly predictive capabilities of its Sentinel Pathway Reporter System to discover drug candidates in the area of ocular disorders while simultaneously creating value through external partnerships. VexO is continually expanding the breadth of its cell-based assay libraries and in-house screening capabilities. In addition, through collaborative relationships, VexO is gaining access to complementary product development capabilities. Our strategy includes:
• "Re-purposing" existing compounds by screening them against validated disease pathways reported in the Company's assay platform;
• Partnering with pharmaceutical companies to identify novel compound leads utilizing the VexO platform and the partners' compound libraries;
• Accessing compounds with known activity profiles via alliances with other drug discovery companies; and
• Identifying and accessing promising compounds for further development via academic collaborations.


He was elevated to Scientist at Millennium. In this role, Dr. Khodadoust was responsible for the discovery and patenting of many genes involved in cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, osteoporosis, cancer and metabolic diseases. Several of his discoveries were selected as qualified targets and moved to the drug development phases by Millennium's partners, Eli Lilly and Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Mehran left Millennium Pharmaceuticals in July 2000, co-founded Bionaut Pharmaceuticals Inc. and served as its Director and President and Chief Scientific Officer.